Hands on Art

Graham Goff: Sketching along the Escalante

LOCATION: Meet in Escalante Interagency Visitor Center Parking Lot
September 22 @ 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

NOTE: Basic level of fitness to hike for up to six miles on uneven terrain and carry food, water, and supplies for a day in the canyons required.  All skill levels encouraged.  Please bring your favorite sketchbook and whatever you like to draw with.  

NOTE: $10 fee to be collected day of program to cover cost of supplies. Limited to 11 participants. RSVP to info@escalantecanyonsartfestival.org to reserve a space. 

Prepare for a lovely day of wandering through the Escalante River Canyon with the 2018 GSENM Artist in Residence, Graham Goff, and your sketchbook.  For over two decades Graham has used simple and quick sketches to capture both landscapes and cityscapes while travelling. The beauty of these sketches is that they foster a deeper connection to and understanding of the location, they are enjoyable to create, and they provide lasting memories of the experience. His sketches range from pieces completed in two minutes while standing to pieces completed in 30 minutes while sitting in a nice shady location. Graham anticipates that participants will complete 5-8 sketches during the day.  He looks forward to spreading his enthusiasm for wild places and public lands and encouraging people to have a sense of adventure, both in experiencing the outdoors and in creating art.

The purpose of this workshop is to:

  • Share simple sketching techniques.
  • Share simple, economical materials that work well for sketching outdoors and on the go.
  • Encourage participants to journal about their creative process and the places they experience.

Graham Goff is a practicing architect and artist who lives and works in Bozeman MT. Working en plein air, Graham is drawn to the interaction and tension between the natural and built environments. Using mixed media including ink, colored pencil, pastel and watercolor he captures the textures, patterns, light and colors of the Western landscape.  Graham was the 2018 Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Plein Air Artist in Residence.  While not creating art/architecture you will find Graham seeking inspiration in wild places, travelling on foot or by bicycle. See more of Graham’s work here.

Carol Bold: Linocut Printmaking

LOCATION: 4th West Pub
September 24 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

NOTE: $25 fee to be collected day of program to cover cost of supplies.  Limited to 15 participants – 21 years of age and older. RSVP to info@escalantecanyonsartfestival.org to reserve a space.

Carol Bold will provide an adult linocut print workshop at The Pub.  She’ll lead making card-sized prints using designs of your own creation.  All supplies and tools will be provided.  

Carol Bold is a painter and printmaker based out of St George, UT. She grew up in the in Pacifica, CA, a small coastal city between San Francisco and Half Moon Bay, where she spent her childhood surrounded by the scenic coastal beaches, tall trees, thick fog and rolling hillsides. From here she developed an early love for the landscape and a deep admiration for the natural world, which still greatly influences her art today.  She has exhibited her work in numerous shows and galleries throughout Southern Utah, California, Nevada and Maryland, and has received continued recognition and awards for her work throughout the Southwest. Carol received Honorable Mention in 2014 at the ECAF Plein Air Competition and Best of Show for Oil/Acrylic in 2015. When not in her studio, Carol spends her time hiking, exploring, camping with her family and drawing inspiration from the vast and beautiful landscape that surrounds her.  To see more of Carol’s work, please visit her website.

DeLee Grant: Paint Party at the Pub

LOCATION: 4th West Pub
September 25 @ 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

NOTE:  $25 fee to be collected day of program to cover cost of supplies.  Limited to 15 participants – 21 years of age and older.  RSVP to info@escalantecanyonsartfestival.org to reserve a space.

Let’s have a party – a “PAINT PARTY”. If you like to release your inner creative spirit (aka Monet), enjoy a sip or two of your favorite beverage and have an evening out with friends – this is the place for you!  This is not about creating a “masterpiece” but more about sharing a relaxing evening with friends and swinging a brush or two. No previous artistic skill required. We will bring the outside in and create an impressionist landscape painting in the spirit of “Plein air”. All art materials supplied. Wear your favorite painting attire.

DeLee Grant has been creating art for her entire life. She took early retirement from a full time job in 2007 to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a full time artist. Although primarily self taught, she participated in her first “plein air” workshop in 2007 at the world renown Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus in Canada where she discovered her passion for painting “en Plein Air” (in open air). It was a natural merger between her love for painting and the great outdoors. She continued to hone her skills by training with internationally acclaimed artists in France, Italy, Canada and the U.S. She has travelled extensively and painted plein air landscapes in North America and Europe.

DeLee is also an avid photographer so shares her time between painting (oil and acrylics) and fine art photography. She relies on nature to provide her with inspiration and ideas for her artwork allowing her to capture landscapes and scenes in their natural light. Her love for nature and the great outdoors is evident in her artwork. She has several published images and has received recognition for both her paintings and photographs. Her work can be found in many private collections throughout Canada and the United States. She loves to teach and share what she has learned with others.

See more of DeLee’s work here.




Dianne Oberhansly: Fusion – Combining Text and Image

LOCATION: Escalante Interagency Visitor Center Conference Room
September 26 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

NOTE:  $20 fee to be collected day of program to cover cost of supplies.  Limited to 20 participants.   RSVP to info@escalantecanyonsartfestival.org to reserve a space.

When words and images are coupled, their respective powers complement and grow, becoming a new art form, oftentimes greater than its parts.  In this Fusion hands-on, we will discuss and experiment with several approaches to combining word and text:  graffiti and illuminated words, the erasure poem, envelope messages, collage, and haiga (Japanese art combining image and haiku).  Neither artistic nor writing experience is required—only a spirit of discovery and playfulness.

Dianne Oberhansly is a writer whose latest book is “The Madonna of Starbucks:  Stories, Poems and Essays Around Food.”  Her collection of stories, “A Brief History of Male Nudes in America,”  won the Flannery O’Connor Award.  She has an MFA in Creative Writing and has taught widely.  Her latest ventures find her exploring words in their most elemental forms, including images and sounds.  She lives in Boulder, Utah where she is a hiker, slow food enthusiast, and an Arts supporter/educator.

Carol Johansen: Making a Monumental Mural

LOCATION: Escalante Community Center
September 27 @ 10:00 am (full details)

September 28 @ 10:00 am (full details)

Stop by the GSENM Artist in Residence Exhibit to contribute to a collaborative painting of the Monument.  Carol Johansen will be on hand to both share her residency exhibit and encourage others to share what about the Monument is special via painting and words.  Each day photos of the painting in progress, along with comments, will be posted to the ECAF Facebook Page

Keven Peterson: Drum and Rattle Making

LOCATION: Festival Plaza
September 27 @ 11:00 am (full details)

September 28 @ 11:00 am (full details)

NOTE: Drum and rattle making begins both days at 11 AM.  RSVP by Sept. 24 to 435-616-4700.

COSTS:  18″ drum: $200 / rattle only: $35

Keven Peterson, long-time Escalante resident and the official drum maker for both the Hopi and Navajo Indian Nations, will be instructing how to make authentic Native American drums to take home on the lawn outside the Community Center both days of the festival.  For those not adventurous enough to tackle making a drum, he will work with you on making a rattle.

See more of Keven’s work here.

Lisa Bryant: Mulling Over Tales of Pigments

LOCATION: Hands on Art Tent – Festival Plaza
September 27 @ 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

NOTE:  $10 fee to be collected day of program to cover cost of supplies.  Limited to 20 participants.   RSVP  to info@escalantecanyonsartfestival.org to reserve a space.

This winter, after some unpleasant discoveries about two of her favorite colors, Lisa took a deep dive into the secret lives of pigments and detoured into the process of making paint.  She’ll demonstrate the art of making hand-mulled watercolors, and participants will make their own artist grade paints.  While we are mulling, Lisa will share some of the fascinating stories behind certain pigments.  This workshop will be a place to share what she’s learned and discuss key things to “mull over” when choosing colors for your palette. Plan on at least 1.5 hours and wear clothes that can get dirty.  Gloves, masks, mulling tools, and all supplies will be provided.  Each participant will take home a tin with several half pans of selected colors made during the workshop, plus handouts.  

Although she’s been painting off and on for many years, Lisa still considers herself a beginner, or at least strives to have a beginner’s mind – curious, open to learning, seeking new ideas, and experiencing beauty in everyday experiences.  She is a soil scientist by training, and has worked in natural resources and public land management for more than 30 years.  She is an artist by passion, and loves creating and exploring.  Originally a pen and ink artist, Lisa was drawn to watercolor for its unpredictability, forcing her out of tight controlled lines.  There is a vibrancy and light unique to watercolor, and while it’s a highly technical medium the magic happens when you learn to let go.  Lisa particularly loves plein air as a way of connecting with nature, immersing yourself in the moment, and experiencing landscapes in a completely different way.

Interagency Park Rangers: Dinosaur Crafts

LOCATION: Hands on Art Tent – Festival Plaza
September 27 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Calling kids of all ages.  Especially those who love dinosaurs.  Make dinosaur themed crafts and learn a little about the wonderful dinosaurs discovered in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. 


Nancy Lewis: Animal Paintings on Rocks

LOCATION: Hands on Art Tent – Festival Plaza
September 28 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

NOTE:  No fee but donations greatly appreciated.  Limited to 12 participants. Bring a painting shirt/apron.  RSVP  to info@escalantecanyonsartfestival.org to reserve a space.

Come join a fun for the whole family activity as we paint animals on rocks with acrylic paint.  Find a rock which talks to you and let your imagination go wild. No artistic talent required. Just be ready to create from your imagination. Open to all ages. 

Nancy Lewis combines her love for the great outdoors, traveling and painting. Painting outside in the fresh air is her passion and inspirations for most of her images. With bold brushstrokes, dynamic values range and a unique approach to color Lewis’ creations capture the amazing changing light of the west.  She actively participates in plein air events and exhibits her art in local, regional and national shows. Nancy was the first Artist-in-Residence  at Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.  She teaches art classes and workshops, is the Western Colorado Coordinator for Plein Air Artists Colorado (PAAC) and provides free art classes called “Art Forward” to those who have been impacted by a life altering experience and can benefit from art in their life.  Nancy believes “Art for the soul is good for all of us.”

Margie Lopez Read: Fundamentals of Decorating Gourds

LOCATION: Escalante Town Park Pavilion
September 28 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

NOTE:  $20 fee to be donated to festival.  Suitable for ages 1 and up.  Limited to 10 participants. RSVP to info@escalantecanyonsartfestival.org to reserve a space.

Participants will learn about the history and use of gourds and various techniques that have been used to make art out of gourds.  Basic methodologies will be demonstrated and 

participants can try them out.  These include cleaning and carving gourds, as well as painting, dying and embossing.  Each individual will finish the workshop with their own piece of decorated gourd that they may take home.  

NOTE: Participants must wear old clothes or protective art aprons.  Individuals with very sensitive skin may wish to bring latex gloves, or not use the leather dye.  If participants own wood-burning or carving tools, please bring them, but this is not mandatory.  We will share.

Margie started painting at a young age, indulging in a variety of media. Although most of her art has been 2-dimensional, she spent 14 years developing skills in decorating gourds. Margie has participated in a number of shows but competition is not her main goal.  Her priorities are to use art for something permanently meaningful to help others live better.  This is why she created “Donation Art”.  Her work is traded for a check to a worthwhile non-profit organization.  For the September 2019 Escalante Canyons Arts Festival, 100% of painting sales or workshop fees will be donated to the festival. Margie Lopez Read currently has paintings on exhibit at Gallery Moab, the MARC (Moab Arts and Recreation), in the departure room at Moab Airport, in Bluff at Bears Ears Education Center, Cape Perpetua Visitor Center, and in the permanent collection at the Little Log Church and Museum of Yachats, Oregon.  See more of Margie’s work here.

Lisa Hartman: Desert Glass Ornaments

LOCATION: Hands on Art Tent – Festival Plaza
September 28 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

NOTE:  $5 fee to cover cost of materials.  Suitable for ages 12 and up.  Limited to 12 participants. RSVP  to info@escalantecanyonsartfestival.org to reserve a space.

Create unique glass ornaments made from tumbled glass, beads and wire.  Learn easy wire-wrapping techniques to add interest to your ornaments.  Your light-catching ornaments can be placed on a tree, a door knob, hung in a window, or made into a zipper pull for your jacket or vest. It’s fun and easy and a great project to do with friends and family members.     All materials will be available for a $5 suggested donation.  

Lisa Hartman lives in Escalante, Utah with her husband and dogs.  She likes to make things and teach what she knows.  She is a printmaker, an encaustic painter, assemblage artist, and uses all three mediums to create artist books.