Sue Martin: Abstracting the Landscape in Oil and Cold Wax

LOCATION: Escalante Heritage Center
September 18 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Sue will demonstrate her process of using oil paints and cold wax medium to abstract the landscape. She will explain the materials used (canvas vs. panels, and credit card vs. palette knives), and the challenges of using this process en plein air (it melts in direct sun).

Sue Martin came to art later in life after a career in public relations and corporate training. She happily left that behind to enroll at the University of Utah where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  She paints the essence of the landscape – the shapes, colors, textures, directions, order and chaos. Working with oil and cold wax, applied with credit cards or palette knives, she offers a unique abstracted view of her surroundings. She builds up layers of paint and wax, scrapes into layers, revealing colors below, and gradually moves from abstraction to a “sweet spot” between abstraction and reality.  Sue shares a studio in downtown Salt Lake City, enjoys plein air painting, and teaches occasional workshops.  See more of Sue’s work here.

Nocturne Demo

LOCATION: Head of the Rocks Overlook
September 20 @ 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Terry Chacon

Terry Chacon is from Redlands, CA and an international award-winning artist.  Terry’s artwork is in private collections in over 20 countries.  She is an avid plein air artist and paints weekly on location whether it be the beautiful California coast, inland deserts or the beautiful Southwest landscapes of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.   She does commission pet portraits in her studio and is noted for her Dog Show Scenes.  She has had the privilege of having two featured artist exhibits of her Dog Show Scenes at the American Kennel Club Dog Museum in St. Louis, 2015 and 2017.  Terry, one of the founding members of the Plein Air Artists of Riverside and served as president, is a member of the American Impressionist Society, the Afghan Hound Club of America, Afghan Hound Club of California, and Santa Barbara Kennel Club.  Capturing the light is the most important part of her paintings.  “Painting in plein air has given me a new way to see light and capture it in my paintings.  The challenge is to capture it quickly, as it doesn’t wait for you.”  

Terry has won many plein air awards at different events around the southwest.  Moab, Artist Choice Award 2018, Escalante People’s Choice award 2017, Idyllwild Plein Air Best of Show 2017, PAPNM 2016 Oil honors award,  Escalante paint out 2015 Oil category award, New Mexico Members Plein Air Exhibit 2014 Best use of Color, Mountain Arts Plein Air event and several awards with the Plein Air Artists of Riverside.  Terry’s work has been exhibited in Gallery 224 in New York City, HS Hanna Gallery Fredericksburg, Texas, and she is represented by Montecito Frame and Art Gallery, Montecito, Ca., Catalina Art Gallery, Avalon, Ca., and her bronze sculpture is represented by Heritage Bronze, Hesperia, Ca. See more of Terry’s work here.  

Günther Haidenthaller

Günther Haidenthaller emigrated with his family from Austria as a child, and grew up drawing and painting, majoring in illustration and advertising design at Utah State University. He spent 27 years as an advertising graphic designer and art director, with occasional illustration projects to keep things interesting. Günther left full time employment in 2015 to pursue his passion for painting. He says, “Being Austrian, I am haunted by the ethereal, dreamlike quality of light in the moisture-laden European atmosphere. I strive to express that longing in every image I create. Art is all about passion, and this is mine.” He has studied with a number of prominent, well-known artists including Randall Sexton, Joshua Clare, Carl Purcell, Kathryn Stats, Stephen Stauffer, Colley Whisson, Lyn Boyer, and Doug Braithwaite. Günther is a member of Oil Painters of America and the American Impressionist Society, as well as several local Utah artists’ organizations. See more of Gunther’s work here.

Pat Ford

Pat “Patricia Rose” Ford cannot remember a time when drawing, coloring or painting was something she has always loved.  During college while majoring in social work, Pat also completed a minor in art and loved each and every art class, but her favorite classes were the watercolor painting classes with “California Style” painter, Vernon Nye A.W.S, who inspired her to love landscape painting in the great outdoors. After a 28-year career as a social worker, Pat now has the opportunity to chase her dream of painting, painting, and more painting.  As a landscape artist, she loves the great outdoors, particularly the scenes of the southwestern desert.  Pat never tires of the images of the old west, such as cowboys, rodeos, Native Americans and their pueblos, including the red rock landscapes of the west.   Although her style has changed somewhat over the past decade, her love of bright colors and western landscape subject matter has remained.  The mediums are plein air pastels, watercolors and watercolor collage. Her paintings have been exhibited in numerous local and national juried exhibitions throughout the country. Membership affiliations: Women Artist of the West, Master Signature Member – Pastel Society of the West Coast, Signature Member – Pastel Society of New Mexico –  Plein Air Painters of New Mexico – California Art Club, Associate member. Desert Art Center-Palm Springs.   See more of Pat’s work here.  



Diane Olhoeft: Silk Painting: Come Watch or Try It Out

LOCATION: Escalante Town Park Pavilion
September 22 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Silk painting starts with pure white hand-hemmed Chinese silk stretched tightly on a frame. Diane usually uses Jaquard Silk Dye from Dharma Silk Trading Company for their vibrant colors. She chooses the colors and the basic shapes and then lets the magic of the moving dye occur. If she has an idea for a more intricate and detailed silk painting, she carefully applies a resist to stop the free flow of the color on the silk to define a more detailed pattern before applying the colors with a brush. She uses some watercolor techniques such as adding salt, water, or alcohol to make different patterns. Diane then sets the dye with steam and washes the silk in gentle shampoo to remove any excess color and irons while damp. During this demonstration, anyone can come and try out silk painting for themselves – we’ll make a large community scarf. 

Diane Olhoeft is a watercolor and silk artist from Missoula, Montana.  She loves the colors and free flowing way the paint goes on the silk in tune with the unpredictability, adaptability and movement of nature. Silk painting has the free spirit of watercolor with the added advantage that the colors are so intense, you can wear your artwork and it feels so good. She is a graduate of the Montana Artrepreneur Program and has exhibited in galleries and festivals across Montana.  She is currently showing at Community Medical Center in Missoula, MT, River’s Mist Gallery in Stevensville, MT and participates yearly in the The Artists Along the Bitterroot Studio Tour. For more info about Olhoeft and her work, please see


Louise Sackett: Including the Critters

LOCATION: Meet at Escalante Town Park Pavilion
September 22 @ 10:30 am - 1:00 pm

This demo will include various ways to include local critters in your paintings, specifically cattle or horses, depending on their cooperation. The presentation will be in oil, conducted on a linen panel toned with a warm acrylic undertone to minimize ‘white dandruff’ in the finished piece. Techniques can be adapted to other media and translates well across them.

Not primarily an animal artist, Louise’s emphasis will be given to integrating the figure into the landscape to counteract that ‘pasted on look’. Use of multiple references will be discussed and used. The session will be on a local ranch whose owners have graciously granted us access. The animals can be standoffish, and so minimal noise level will be greatly appreciated as we arrive and setup. We will caravan to the location about 4 miles west of town. Carpooling is greatly recommended as parking is limited. Cameras, drinks, your own shade apparatus, and chairs are a smart idea. Please bring sketching materials as well as painting things and paint along for maximum benefit. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions, take notes and laugh freely. As this is a family home, pack it in, and kindly pack it out. It should be a moooving experience.

Louise Sackett has studied art at Workshops, University, and Art Schools, on both coasts. An IPAP signature member, Louise favors Oil and Soft Pastel when working outdoors, with the subject often dictating the media. A New Mexico resident for over 10 years, Louise currently paints from San Antonio to San Diego, with occasional works from her native region of New England. She has shown with multiple groups when living in California, and is a current member of LPAPA, SPAP, TPS and NMPAP. She has been a signature member of I_P_A_P for five years. Louise has shown for the last ten years in local, international and national shows. Last year’s efforts afforded her two Best of Shows. Prior to her fine art career, Louise worked as an artist and art director for the NAVY, training S-3B flight crew. She is represented by River’s Edge Gallery in Kerrville, TX, and Encore in Silver City. Louise also conducts a plein air workshop each fall in the Gila area of New Mexico. “My vision is one of brilliant color. I am intrigued by fleeting effects of light, and include them in my works. I find old masters techniques particularly exciting when paired with today’s materials, and often attempt to reconcile them.”

See more of Louise’s art here.


LOCATION: Escalante Heritage Center
September 22 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The Paint Around is an event where 4-person teams of artists each “paint-around” to create paintings.  Teams of painters will, in turn, work on a single piece.  Teams have two hours to finish their painting, each member taking 15 minute turns.  Each artist will add to and modify the piece under development, according to their vision of the piece’s required direction, providing commentary as they think their way through the task at hand. A blending of unique visions and styles will provide a truly singular result. Come watch this fun activity as the invited artists take turns putting their unique spin on a painting!

The completed paintings will be included in the Plein Air Competition Exhibit and Sale.  All proceeds will be donated to local Care and Share Food Pantry. 

This year team captains will draw names from a hat of any interested registered artists to determine team members. 


Acrylic Team Captain: Peggy Trigg

As a past art educator, Peggy believes in creativity, experimentation and good design. She paints her landscapes mostly on location using either oil or acrylic paint. She also explores design potential through abstract expression in her studio work.

In her plein air painting, she believes that it is very important to try to capture the feeling of a location and not to worry about painting an actual representation of what you see. To help her with this goal and to keep her stroke lively and loose, Peggy uses either wide brushes or palette knives; often, the wider the better! She likes to push her color choices in intensity and vibrancy. In acrylics, she paints using a layering technique and in oils she paints using the impasto method.

Peggy’s work is represented by Wilder Nightingale Gallery in Taos and La Mesa Gallery in Santa Fe. Visit Peggy’s website to see more of her work here.


Pastel Team Captain: Lonny Granston

Lonny Granston was voted most artistic in his high school graduating class and took the logical next step:  he went to medical school.  After residency, he moved to Boulder, Colorado, where he still takes up space.  As a young man, he raced triathlons, got married and started a family, played doctor and drank beer. Eventually he gave up triathlons (but not the other vices mentioned) and rediscovered pastels.  Distorted colors, lack of accurate reproduction of what he sees and misrepresentation of the natural world are hallmarks of his work.  See more of Lonny’s work here


Oil Team Captain: Allan Brockbank

Allen earned a fine arts degree from Brigham Young University where he met his wife Janice.  They settled in Centerville, Utah where Allen began his career in commercial art and computer game design.  Over the next twenty years, Allen refined his artistic skills in the digital world developing video games with fine companies like Disney, Microsoft, and Take Two.  It was during this time that Allen discovered the joys and challenges of landscape painting right in his backyard.  Utah is a painter’s paradise and a “university” for teaching the plein air artist.  He believes that painting on location and in the studio are complimentary pursuits, one building upon the other.

See more of Allan’s work here.


Water Color Team Captain: Ward Stroud

Ward believes “Who we are, and everything that we do and create in every moment of our lives is a culmination of what we have learned, done, and experienced on our life’s journey.” He has assembled in his nearly 62 years, some of life’s greatest lessons working as a professional figure skater, graphic artist, fine artist, singer/songwriter/musician, published photographer, dancer, instructor, and entrepreneur. He is a juried member of both the WSO (Watercolor Society of Oregon) and the Oregon society of Artists (OSA) has had numerous one-man exhibits, and his work has been featured in some of the finest Art/Painting magazines in the world including “Watercolor Artist”, “Les Pratique Des Arts”, and the “New Palette” magazine! Ward has three feature Instructional DVDs/Videos, titled “Brusho and Beyond”, as well as numerous highly-viewed YouTube videos! Ward is the winner of the Escalante Canyons Arts Festival People’s Choice Award 2019! Visit Ward’s website to see more of his work here.


Mixed Media Color Team Captain: Sue Tyler

Sue Tyler was born in Idaho, and has called Teton Valley Idaho home for 35 years. She began drawing and painting at a young age, inspired by local landscapes, animals, and icons of the past in Western culture. Sue taught art to all ages for almost 30 years, until she retired to paint full time. Sue’s painting can be seen in galleries and plein air events throughout the West. Her recent awards include Escalante Canyons Art Festival (honorable mention)2019, Driggs Plein Air Festival, 2nd Quick Draw, 2019, National Juried Show, 2nd place, 2019, Arts Idaho Biennial, top 50, 2004, 2007 2008, 2012, 2019 (honorable mention). Sue paints plein air landscapes in acrylic and watercolor. In the studio, her mixed media pieces allow a freer expression of a subject. “Mixed media allows an intuitive, versus literal experience, she says. And I can focus on design essentials. Hopefully, each piece is a conversation with the viewer.”  See more of Sue’s work here.

Natalie Shupe: Landscape Painting

LOCATION: Meet at Escalante Town Park Pavilion
September 23 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Demonstration will focus on how to recognize and emphasize the main idea and purpose of your painting. Natalie will discuss design and editing principles that will help you establish dominance within your composition and subdue secondary elements.

Natalie Rhees Shupe was born in Ogden, Utah. She grew up on a small farm with animals and fruit trees and lots of room to roam. Oil painting lessons began when piano lessons failed. As a result, she began to paint in oils at eleven years of age. It was at Snow College that she had the opportunity to study with Osrael Allred and Carl Purcell. She finished a BFA at Utah State University in Art Education. When her two-year-old son ate the oil paints off her palette, she put them away. The desire to paint returned when her oldest daughter began her art degree. Natalie has been painting determinedly ever since. Workshops with John Poon, John Hughes and Russell Case have increased her vision of what paintings can be. She still needs lots of room to roam since hiking is the best way to gather references.  See more of Natalie’s work here.

Group Demonstration

LOCATION: Kiva Koffeehouse
September 23 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

NOTE:  Please carpool as parking is limited.

A late afternoon group demonstration has become a festival favorite where artists and those who enjoy the creation of art gather to watch different artists, with different styles and approaches, tackle a similar landscape to create a painting in a couple hours.  

The following artists will participate in this year’s group demonstration:

Sloane Keats (FLORIDA)

Painting , drawing and love for the arts has always been part of Sloane’s life. To be a professional artist has always been a dream. Creating a new original painting that is uplifting and bringing a smile to the viewers face is her goal. Sloane enjoyed sharing her works with the public since 2008. Over the years she’s shown in juried art shows and has received numerous awards. Sloane’s works are in private and corporate collections internationally. Being an artist is about the journey. See more of Sloane’s work here.



Katy Ann Fox  (WYOMING)

Both a studio and plein air painter, Katy Ann Fox paints western landscapes and moments she notices.  She primarily paints in oils but loves an occasional fresh and fluid watercolor.  Her work is shown in art spaces from Jackson Hole to Reno, Nevada.  She and her dog gang reside in the Tetons but wander throughout the West witnessing the honesty and harmony the wide-open spaces have to offer. See more of Katy’s work here.



Loretta Domaszewski (MONTANA)

Loretta Domaszewski paints to create visual poetry with a deep connection to the earth as a living body. Spirit of Place is the inspiration for exploring the concept of the journey, the pathway, the personal quest. She speaks a universal language. Loretta has a BFA from Tufts University, the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, and a K-12 Art Teaching Certificate from Brandeis University. She is an award- winning contemporary artist from Montana exhibiting nationally in galleries and museums, teaching all ages and levels for over 40 years. Loretta has been awarded the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument’s 20th Year Anniversary Artist in Residence, Escalante Paint the River Horse Pack Trip, Escalante Arts Festival Best in Show First Place Watercolor, Mixed Media, and 2nd Place in the Plein Air Paint Out. She is a member of the American Impressionist Society, Plein Air Painters of New Mexico, and Laguna Plein Air Painters Association. See more of Loretta’s work here.

Dan Rountree (FLORIDA)

Dan Rountree became an artist overnight by winning a 4th grade coloring contest. His brother said it was because he stayed within the lines, Dan thought it was because of his color theory pertaining to the subject. He went on to receive a BA in Art Education with a minor in Photography from the University of Florida.  His bohemian masters degree from the H. R. Meininger Company, an art store in Denver that exposed him to artists, materials, techniques and problems that would have never happened at any university. He paints for pleasure. Participating in the Escalante Canyon Art Festival has opened up new insights into fellow artists approach to painting, learning more at a demonstration or fireside chat than in any classroom. 


Margie Read (UTAH)

Margie started painting at a young age, indulging in a variety of media. Although most of her art has been 2-dimensional, she spent 14 years developing skills in decorating gourds. Margie has participated in a number of shows but competition is not her main goal.  Her priorities are to use art for something permanently meaningful to help others live better.  This is why she created “Donation Art”.  Her work is traded for a check to a worthwhile non-profit organization. Margie Lopez Read currently has paintings on exhibit at Gallery Moab, the MARC (Moab Arts and Recreation), in the departure room at Moab Airport, in Bluff at Bears Ears Education Center, Cape Perpetua Visitor Center, and in the permanent collection at the Little Log Church and Museum of Yachats, Oregon.  See more of Margie’s work here.

Valerie and Ellen Orlemann: Painting Together – the Fun and Challenges of Mother-Daughter Painting

LOCATION: Meet at Escalante Town Park Pavilion
September 25 @ 8:00 am - 10:00 am

Join a mother-daughter tandem demo where Valerie and Ellen will paint and talk about their creative processes and boundaries.  Valerie thinks that parenting a teen requires balance between providing the resources for her daughter to succeed and then getting out of the way so that the success is truly hers.   Valerie provides supplies and gives advice to Ellen about compositions and color mixing, but then she backs off and does not not look or comment (unless Ellen asks her).   

Valerie Orlemann is a professional artist, working with canvas and oil to create landscapes of Utah and the southwest. 

Ellen Orlemann is a 16-year-old who enjoys cross-country running, music, hiking, and sometimes painting.  

The two of them have come together at the Escalante art festival where Valerie wins the occasional award and Ellen has taken first place in the junior division.    Painting together means discussing ideas, painting in the same places, sharing supplies but also giving each other space to create.   

See more of Valerie’s work here.