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September 27 @ 3:00 pm

The Paint Around is an event where 4-person teams of artists each “paint-around” to create paintings.  Teams have two hours to finish their painting, each member taking 15 minute turns.  Teams of painters will, in turn, work on a single piece. Each artist will add and modify the piece under development, according to their vision of the piece’s required direction, providing commentary as they think their way through the task at hand. A blending of unique visions and styles will provide a truly singular result. Questions will be entertained and answered as time allows.  

Come watch this fun activity as the invited artists take turns putting their unique spin on a painting!

The completed paintings will be displayed at the Community Center as part of the Plein Air competition silent auction.  All proceeds will be donated to local school arts programming. 

This year team captains will round out their teams by drawing names from a hat of any interested registered artists. 

Acrylic Team Captain: Sue Tyler

Sue Tyler draws inspiration from images of the West. An Idaho native, Sue has lived, painted and taught in the shadows of the Teton mountains for four decades. Her art seeks to share the spirit of the land, in its varied seasons, forms, colors and patterns. She continually seeks the magic of a place and how the experience of interaction with place becomes a personal statement. A respected and dedicated teacher-artist for over 25 years, Sue is known for her expressive watercolors, acrylics (plein air and studio ), and mixed media work. Subject matter is a starting point for exploration of elements of line, space, texture, color to make a greater statement about the subject, or experience of the encounter with the subject. In 2013 Sue left her teaching career to paint full time. As Sue continues to paint throughout the West, she has won several event competitions for her work, an artist residency in Alaska, and selections in national juried shows.  Visit Sue’s website to see more of her work here.

Oil Team Captain: Stephen Stauffer

Stephen studied with Jeffery Hein at The Hein Academy of Art in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is here that he discovered that passion for your work is not only in the end result, but also in each stoke of a brush, charcoal or graphite line done with perfection and reason. Jeff’s talented work, and being able to observe him in studio, has not only inspired Stephen as an artist, but has increased his skills as an artist and as a person.  Drawing from life whether it’s the figure or landscape, as an artist, we will never stop learning.       

Stephen is currently a member of  Oil Painters of America as well as American Impressionist Society, Plein Air Painters of Utah and The Midway Art Association. This allows him to paint with people with the same amount of passion and love of this beautiful country we live in.  Visit Steve’s website to see more of his work here.

Pastel Team Captain: Louise Sackett

Louise has studied art at Workshops, University, and Art Schools, on both coasts. An IPAP signature member, Louise favors Oil and Soft Pastel.  Subject often dictates her chosen media. A New Mexico resident for over 9 years, Louise currently paints from San Antonio to San Diego, with occasional works from New England. She showed with multiple groups when living in California, and is a current member of LPAPA and NMPAP.

Louise has shown for the last nine years in local, international and national shows. Last year’s efforts afforded her two Best of Shows. Prior to her fine art career, Louise worked as an artist and art director for the NAVY, training flight crew.  “My vision is one of brilliant color. I am intrigued by fleeting effects of light, and include them in my works. Old masters techniques are particularly exciting when paired with today’s materials, and I often attempt to reconcile them.”  Visit Louise’s website to see more of her work here.

Water Color Team Captain: Lisa Bryant

Although she’s been painting off and on for many years, Lisa still considers herself a beginner, or at least strives to have a beginner’s mind – curious, open to learning, seeking new ideas, and experiencing beauty in everyday experiences.  She is a soil scientist by training, and has worked in natural resources and public land management for more than 30 years.  She is an artist by passion, and loves creating and exploring.  Originally a pen and ink artist, Lisa was drawn to watercolor for its unpredictability, forcing her out of tight controlled lines.  There is a vibrancy and light unique to watercolor, and while it’s a highly technical medium the magic happens when you learn to let go.  Lisa particularly loves plein air as a way of connecting with nature, immersing yourself in the moment, and experiencing landscapes in a completely different way.


September 27
3:00 pm
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