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Sue Martin: Abstracting the Landscape in Oil and Cold Wax

Meet at Escalante Town Park Pavilion

Sue will demonstrate her process of using oil paints and cold wax medium to abstract the landscape. She will explain the materials used (canvas vs. panels, and credit card vs. palette knives), and the challenges of using this process en plein air (it melts in direct sun). Sue Martin came to art later in life […]

Nocturne Demo

Head of the Rocks Overlook

Terry Chacon is from Redlands, CA and an international award-winning artist.  Terry's artwork is in private collections in over 20 countries.  She is an avid plein air artist and paints weekly on location whether it be the beautiful California coast, inland deserts or the beautiful Southwest landscapes of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.   She does […]

Diane Olhoeft: Silk Painting: Come Watch or Try It Out

Escalante Town Park Pavilion

Silk painting starts with pure white hand-hemmed Chinese silk stretched tightly on a frame. Diane usually uses Jaquard Silk Dye from Dharma Silk Trading Company for their vibrant colors. She chooses the colors and the basic shapes and then lets the magic of the moving dye occur. If she has an idea for a more […]

Louise Sackett: Including the Critters

Meet at Escalante Town Park Pavilion

This demo will include various ways to include local critters in your paintings, specifically cattle or horses, depending on their cooperation. The presentation will be in oil, conducted on a linen panel toned with a warm acrylic undertone to minimize ‘white dandruff’ in the finished piece. Techniques can be adapted to other media and translates […]


Escalante Heritage Center Escalante

The Paint Around is an event where 4-person teams of artists each "paint-around" to create paintings.  Teams of painters will, in turn, work on a single piece.  Teams have two hours to finish their painting, each member taking 15 minute turns.  Each artist will add to and modify the piece under development, according to their […]

Natalie Shupe: Landscape Painting

Meet at Escalante Town Park Pavilion

Demonstration will focus on how to recognize and emphasize the main idea and purpose of your painting. Natalie will discuss design and editing principles that will help you establish dominance within your composition and subdue secondary elements. Natalie Rhees Shupe was born in Ogden, Utah. She grew up on a small farm with animals and […]

Group Demonstration

Kiva Koffeehouse 7386 Hwy 12, Escalante

A late afternoon group demonstration has become a festival favorite where artists and those who enjoy the creation of art gather to watch different artists, with different styles and approaches, tackle a similar landscape to create a painting in a couple hours.   The following artists will participate in this year's group demonstration: Sloane Keats […]

Valerie and Ellen Orlemann: Painting Together – the Fun and Challenges of Mother-Daughter Painting

Meet at Escalante Town Park Pavilion

Join a mother-daughter tandem demo where Valerie and Ellen will paint and talk about their creative processes and boundaries.  Valerie thinks that parenting a teen requires balance between providing the resources for her daughter to succeed and then getting out of the way so that the success is truly hers.   Valerie provides supplies and gives […]

2022 Bonnie Griffith: WAX! The Art of Encaustic


Encaustic painting uses melted beeswax and damar resin along with colored pigments to create works of art.  The wax is heated to about 93C and is brushed or poured onto a prepared surface such as wood or special encaustic surface.  The wax can be mixed with pigment or applied over the top of pigment.  Multiple […]