Doug Braithwaite Workshop: Plein Air Game Plan

LOCATION:  Meet at Escalante Visitor Center at 8:30 AM first day 

Three days / six sessions of instruction prior to festival plein air competition –  Monday, September 17 thru Wednesday, September 19 

COST: $350 / Minimum of 10 – Maximum of 15 / All ability levels

The supply list for workshop is here.


This workshop is designed to give you a game plan for painting plein air.  Doug will give you all the ammunition you need to find, compose and execute a painting in any atmosphere you see or choose to create.  Doug holds back no secrets and shares his entire game plan for any landscape, in any season of the year.  Morning and afternoon sessions will be determined based on the light and weather.  

Doug has been painting since he was old enough to hold a paintbrush.  He pursued his love and talent of art and graduated from the University of Utah in 1991.  Since that time, Doug’s bold brushstrokes have been easily recognized by admirers and collectors.  His work was once well-described in Southwest Art Magazine as “where realism meets abstraction,” almost like two paintings in one.  From far away, it is almost photographic.  As you move closer, however, you see much less detail and the bold brush strokes merely interpret what your eyes are seeing. 

He is a frequent participant in plein air painting competitions across the country and has been recognized with dozens of awards over the years to include, most recently, 1st Place in Oil at the Dixie Sears Invitational in 2017 and 2nd Place in 2016, Best of Show at the Traces of the West Show in Ogden, Utah in 2016, Best of Show along with 1st Place – Quick Draw at the Driggs Digs Plein Air in 2015, and Best of Show at the Zion’s Plein Air Invitational in 2013.  He has taught workshops for the past 25 years and continues to teach a couple of workshops each year.

“Painting for me feels like composing and playing music.  I look for the rhythm and tempo created by the geometry of space.  I think of tone and pitch when I work out the color and value relationships.  I think of interpretation and feeling as I use my tools to manipulate the color atmospheres and spatial relationships.  I paint my life experiences.  I paint the deserts, the pastoral landscapes, the mountains and the urban landscapes of winter, spring, summer and fall.  I paint all the places I encounter as I travel.  I am very interested in expressing what life is like here and now and is somewhat of a timestamp of my life.” 

Doug’s work can be seen at Terzian Gallery, Torrey Gallery, Illume Gallery of Fine Art, Bella Muse Fine Art and Braithwaite Fine Art.  He works out of his home studio in Sunset, Utah.  Visit Doug’s website to see more of his work here.


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Stephen Stauffer Workshop: Fundamentals of Plein Air Painting

LOCATION:  Meet at Escalante Visitor Center at 8:30 AM first day 

Three days of instruction prior to festival plein air competition –  Tuesday, September 18 thru Thursday, September 20 

COST: $300 / Minimum of 5 – Maximum of 10

The supply list for workshop is here.  

Stephen’s love of En Plein Air painting takes him out of the studio and into the surroundings we enjoy in our beautiful country. Painting the alpine splendor of our mountains and streams or the unique beauty of the Escalante and Red Rock of Zion, he is always moved each time he is allowed to venture into nature’s wonder and magical vistas and capture these images.  Learning to paint in this environment of the Plein Air landscape has inspired and taken him and his work to new levels afield.

Stephen studied with Jeffery Hein at The Hein Academy of Art in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is here that he discovered that passion for your work is not only in the end result, but also in each stoke of a brush, charcoal or graphite line done with perfection and reason. Jeff’s talented work, and being able to observe him in studio, has not only inspired Stephen as an artist, but has increased his skills as an artist and as a person.  Drawing from life whether it’s the figure or landscape, as an artist, we will never stop learning.       

Stephen is currently a member of  Oil Painters of America as well as American Impressionist Society, Plein Air Painters of Utah and The Midway Art Association. This allows him to paint with people with the same amount of passion and love of this beautiful country we live in. “We are out in a different location each month, so I will look forward to seeing you along the trail, and would hope you will stop and have a chat!  Thank you, it’s going to be a great ride.”

Visit Steve’s website to see more of his work here.


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Lyn Boyer Workshop 1: Plein Air – Don’t Hit the Wall, Climb It!

LOCATION: Escalante Interagency Visitor Center Conference Room

Prior to plein air competition: Thursday, September 20 – 9 AM to 6 PM

COST: $125 / Minimum of 8 – Maximum of 15 / All ability levels / Supply list: here.

This workshop was created to touch on some important skills that are often overlooked in our hurry to ‘make a painting’!  In order to get the most out of our plein air painting adventures we must be able to approach our subject not only with joy and inspiration but with the ability to think clearly, make efficient decisions and have our technical skills refined and ready.  Lyn Boyer will talk about and demonstrate each area of study and give you the opportunity to try the exercise. There will be time for questions.  This is the fun of pure study without the pressure of creating a painting.  The workshop will cover:

  • Pigments and color mixing – seeing it and getting it right the first time
  • Brush handling – bringing another level of nuance to your paintings
  • Surface quality – building the paint surface to create interest
  • Equipment and materials – efficient ways to master your tools
  • Methodology – a logical approach creates an armature for inspiration

NOTE:  Lyn will be teaching an additional two-day workshop September 30 – October 1. It will be a continuation of what you learn here. In the two-day workshop you’ll see a full demonstration of the process, work on applying the concepts to a painting and receive individual help. The two-day workshop is for intermediate and advanced painters. Students of any level who have completed the one-day workshop may also attend.  You’re welcome to sign up for either workshop or both.

Passing the torch of the great traditions of representational oil painting to her students is one of Lyn’s great passions in life.  She is an award-winning plein air and studio oil painter with works that hang in private collections across the United States. She travels painting ‘en plein air’ and teaching for more than half the year before heading back to her studio in Durango, Colorado for the winter. Her devotion as a teacher began with nearly a decade as an illustration instructor and now continues through her workshops. After returning from studying art in Melbourne, Australia, Lyn began a 25-year career as an American illustrator and now continues that passion in her career as a painter. She’s garnered awards from the Oil Painters of America, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, the Society of Illustrators, the Art Directors Club, the Illustrators Workshops, and the American Institute of Graphic Arts, among others.

Visit Lyn’s website to see more of her work here

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R. Gregory Summers Workshop: Unlimiting the Limited Palette

LOCATION: Meet in Escalante Interagency Visitor Center Conference Room

Monday, September 24 – 8:30 AM to 4 PM

COST: $110 / Minimum of 6 – Maximum of 14 / All ability levels with a basic understanding of the materials/Click here for supply list.


This workshop will better prepare you for creating working studies of the landscape that surrounds you, quickly, and efficiently. Focus on capturing the light, understanding the nuances of color, the effects of light, and temperature on the world that surrounds you.

Painting outdoors is not just going out, setting up an easel and starting to paint. It is more of a thought process that must be honed through continual trial and error. Greg will take you through the process of seeing, thinking, and learning to understand how and why “less is more”. Taking in the vast amount of information and breaking it down into manageable portions through shapes, values & color, using a limited color pallet.

We will be painting different subjects each day, weather permitting, on location. There will be plenty of “one-on-one” guidance, demos, group critiques, and a question and answer session.


Born in the Flint Hills, Greg began his professional career at Hallmark Cards. A Master Engraver, he now travels the country to paint plein air. He has served the artistic community as a vice-President of the Greater Kansas City Artists Association and a co-founder of the Missouri Valley Impressionist Society, and the Brush Creek painting competition in Kansas City, Missouri.

Chosen in 2017 by the top American art publications for the “Artists of the New Century” exhibit at the Bennington Art Gallery, Summers has embraced the world of painting outdoors, winning awards from coast to coast alongside the nation’s best plein air and studio artists. Summers teaches painting workshops across the country as well as teaching staff at the Plein Air Convention and Expo.

“Some go outdoors to enjoy the land, while others stay inside to avoid it. It is I, an outdoor artist, who brings the outside in.”

Visit Greg’s website to see more of his work here.


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Carol Bold Workshop: Reduction Linocut

LOCATION: Escalante Interagency Visitor Center Conference Room
First recurring event starts: September 26 @ 9:00 am (full details)

Wednesday, September 26 and Thursday, September 27 – 9 AM to 4 PM

COST: $250 includes supplies / Beginner to Intermediate / Minimum of 3 – Maximum of 12

In this two-day workshop Carol will show you how to design, carve and print a multi-layered reduction print. She will guide you through how to design and prepare your image for the reduction process. You will learn how to transfer your design and techniques for proper linoleum block carving. And finally, you will learn registration methods for lining up each print and tips for effective inking and hand printing.

Over the course of the two-day workshop, participants will create at least one small edition of 3-layer reduction prints and gain knowledge and experience to create their own new works at home.

The fee covers needed materials, but please bring a sketchbook, some simple design ideas, and plenty of enthusiasm.

NOTE – Carol will be bringing her small press for anyone who would like to give it a spin, but due to the number of participants, the workshop will focus mainly on hand-printing techniques.  

Carol Bold is a painter and printmaker based out of St George, UT. She has exhibited her work in numerous shows and galleries throughout Southern Utah, California, Nevada and Maryland, and has received continued recognition and awards for her work throughout the Southwest. Carol received Honorable Mention in 2014 at the ECAF Plein Air Competition and Best of Show for Oil/Acrylic in 2015. When not in her studio, Carol spends her time hiking, exploring, camping with her family and drawing inspiration from the vast and beautiful landscape that surrounds her.  To see more of Carol’s work, please visit her website.


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Lyn Boyer Workshop 2: Plein Air – The Joy of Observation!

LOCATION: Escalante Interagency Visitor Center Conference Room

Sunday, September 30 and Monday, October 1 – 9 AM to 6 PM

COST: $275 / Minimum of 8 – Maximum of 12 / Intermediate/Advanced levels / Supply list: here.

Developing your personal path: the problem, the practice and the performance.

Each group and each student is unique!  Lyn’s goal is to help you find your ‘next step’ whatever level you’re at.  To bring more clarity to your work and to learn to paint with intent.  To continue the journey from ‘painting’ to becoming a ‘painter’.  And most importantly – how to develop the mindset of ‘practice’ that leads to successful ‘performance’.

Day 1: Lyn will be doing a demo start to finish, explaining her thought process for each step, aiding you in developing a personal methodology that will work for you. During the demo we’ll touch on a variety of subjects – drawing, design, value, color, harmonizing your painting, materials and brush and paint handling. We will discuss how to approach your creative process – concept, scene selection and preparation, allowing time for you to work through the process to prepare the groundwork for the next days painting.

Day 2: Will be devoted entirely to painting, allowing you to ‘work the problem’ – putting into practice concepts we’ve covered.  Bring your questions, your curiosity and some thoughts about the one thing you’ve been most wanting to improve in your craft.

NOTE:  Lyn also will be teaching a one-day workshop on September 20 which will compliment this one nicely and allow beginners to feel confident taking this more advanced workshop. Folks are welcome to sign up for either workshop or both.

See Lyn’s bio above and visit her website to see more of her work here

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