Stephen Stauffer: Fundamentals of Plein Air Painting

LOCATION:  Meet at Escalante Visitor Center at 8:30 AM first day 

Three days of instruction prior to festival plein air competition –  Tuesday, September 19 thru Thursday, September 21 

COST: $300 / Workshop is limited to 10 participants – must have 5 registered for it to be held.

The supply list for workshop is here.  Additional questions about the work can be directed to:

In 2011 Stephen began his life’s dream of becoming a working artist. He had painted all his life, but not until then did he realize what truly a remarkable dream it could be.  Stephen studied with Jeff Hein at The Hein Academy of Fine Art for two and a half years and with Rob Adamson, John Hughes, and Bryce Billings in Salt Lake City, Utah.  As a member of Plein Air Painters of Utah, he is often found in the alpine splendor of the Rocky Mountains, or in one of the many national parks or red rock wonderlands.

From 2001 to 2011 the majority of Stephen’s paintings were sold or auctioned to raise funds for children with rare and life threatening diseases through a wonderful organization called Angel’s Hands Foundation which he and his wife Susan and friends Mark and Roxann Kristensen co-founded. He will continue sharing a portion of his work each year to Angel’s Hands Foundation as it is near and dear to his heart. Though no longer active in the day to day operations, Steven currently serves on the board of directors for the foundation.

Driven to paint each day, I can’t believe I get to do this every day. Immersing in the fabric and landscape of this beautiful country allows me to capture moments in time and record them for visits in the future. Running to the next adventure that waits around the next bend is like opening a gift given and shared each and every day!  I am excited for what life has in store for me and my family in this next part of my life’s journey. I know I have so many options and my passions are what’s guiding me along. Knowing it will be rewarding, I can’t wait to see what’s around the next bend in the trail.  Thank you for coming along!

Visit Steve’s website to see more of his work here.


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Kate Withers: Painting Rocks – Sunset Workshop

LOCATION: Meet on Escalante Interagency Visitor Center Patio at 3 PM to carpool to location

Sunday, September 24 3 PM to 8:30 PM

Cost: $70 / Workshop is limited to 20 participants – must have 5 registered for it to be held.  / All Experience Levels / What to Bring

Late afternoon painting expedition in the Utah high desert.

Focus on rock structures .. strong composition and value design ..  reflected light .. aerial perspective .. capturing the beautiful drama of light on stone.  Short demo .. paint two studies .. view workshop details here.  

Kate Withers is a professional artist living a great nomadic lifestyle .. warm deserts in winter .. mountains or the high Colorado Plateau in summer. Taught drawing and painting at Great Basin College in Nevada.  Home base is currently in Torrey – the Capitol Reef region .. an outdoor painter’s paradise.

Primarily a landscape painter .. many small oil studies are painted plein-air while on extended camping expeditions in the vast American outback .. the clear light and vivid colors are so enticing .. one is compelled to linger and observe.  My focus is to create a convincing sense of place .. of being there .. the stunning light .. the radiant colors .. the sense of a living presence.  Love the High Desert.

View more of Kate’s work here.


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Bonnie Griffith: Pastel Painting Landscapes

LOCATION: Escalante Interagency Visitor Center Patio

Monday, September 25 OR Thursday, September 28 / 9 AM to 5 PM each day / Limited to 20 participants each workshop

Cost: $100  

Join Bonnie Griffith for this workshop and punch up your pastel painting skills!  The class will focus on pastel techniques that Bonnie uses to create dynamic landscapes in the studio and in plein air.  You will work on two different papers (provided by instructor) and learn the value of underpainting plus other points to achieve paintings with a punch.

Attendees should bring easels, small sketchbook, a couple of ½-1 inch old, soft brushes, (for underpainting), soft pastels, some dark and light values of hard pastel sticks, latex gloves (optional), aprons and any of your usual pastel painting supplies.  Bonnie will provide two options of paper to be used in the workshop.  Some favorite pastel sticks will be available for students to purchase.

Bonnie Griffith is an artist who paints the western landscape in pastel and oil.  She captures the essence of the land in bold, strong color in representational fashion.  She has worked as a fulltime artist for 15+ years and part time since college.  Bonnie has studied with Lorenzo Chavez, Robert Moore, Clark Mitchell and others.  Her work is represented by galleries in ID, MT, WA, and OR.  She was the 2015 Artist in Residence at the Grand Staircase National Monument.  Bonnie participates in numerous plein air events throughout the west.  

See more of Bonnie’s work here.


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Maureen Sheldon: Monoprint and Matisse Meet in Escalante – the En Plein Air Printmaking Experience

LOCATION: Vagabond Inn Barn

Two Day Workshop – Tuesday, Sept. 26 and Wednesday, September 27 – 9 AM to 5 PM each day

Cost: $200 + $140 for supplies / Workshop is limited to 10 participants – must have 2 registered for it to be held.  / Beginner and Intermediate Level / Additional questions about this workshop may be directed to Maureen:


In this 2 day workshop Maureen will share a unique insight into the world of printing in our modern times.  She will provide an overview of the possibilities related to Print in 2017 and then will take the class into the world of the Hand Produced Print.  While the majority of the workshop will focus on the Monoprinting style with use of cut-outs, masks, and blockers, Relief printmaking will be mixed in such that two styles of printmaking are covered overall.

Monoprints are known as the most painterly method among the printmaking techniques; it is essentially a printed painting.  The characteristic of this method is that no two prints are alike. The beauty of this medium is also in its spontaneity and its combination of printmaking, painting and drawing media, as such most fit for the Escalante Canyons En Plein Air event.
Matisse is referenced in the course name as he embraced all the tools in the printmakers tool-kit.  We can take inspiration from some of his work.
Lastly, as of July 2017 Maureen will complete a workshop with Danish Master Printmaker Henrik Bøegh in Capilieria, Spain.  Non-toxic printing methods are the focus  and all materials used in Utah will be NON- TOXIC, water based ink.
Maureen has spent decades as a leading contributor to advanced printing technologies, business, and manufacturing solutions in the global environment.  Listed as Inventor on European and US Patents, an award winning Artist, along with consulting, she is current creating Art and Products from the amalgamation of her design and technical prowess.

Through her business -Agent Quinze- she offers consulting services for a diverse sector of need.  She provides leading edge knowledge and experience within the Printing Industry and she is working to connect businesses or people with creative needs with the best solution providers globally.  With particular interest in Inkjet technologies, she is taking advantage of its vast diversity of substrates, markets, and environments to produce visual art, textiles, and a vast collection of products.  She is passionate about connecting people who have a product need to the possibilities within technology and those that provide it.

An outdoors lover and environmentalist at heart, Maureen is currently Vice Chair at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science, who’s mission is  Motivating individuals and communities to care for the environment through education, research, and avian wildlife rehabilitation.  She is also a New England delegate for Wilderness preservation and supports promotion of America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act.  Many of her creative inspirations come from these interests and appreciations.

View more of Maureen’s work here.


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Expressive Landscape Painting

LOCATION: Escalante Interagency Visitor Center Conference Room

Instructor: Loretta Domaszewski 

Thursday, September 28 – Noon to 5 PM.  

Cost: $125 (includes drawing materials) / Workshop is limited to 20 participants. / Acrylic and oil kits and canvases available for purchase.  

Want to loosen up your painting technique?

Build confidence by creating with layers of bold expression.  A solid foundation in drawing is key to successful landscape painting.

Learn to paint like you draw with expressive gestures of movement, rhythm, variety, and harmony. Covering essential art elements with drawing and painting techniques in a new way, building the basis for strong compositions.  A class packed with information in a fun, relaxed environment so you are inspired to keep painting on your own.  For more info about workshop, contact Loretta directly at

Loretta Domanzewski is a contemporary artist from Bozeman, Montana who creates visual poetry and beauty of the land.  The phenomenon of nature is the source of Loretta’s expressionist styled paintings, sculptures, conceptual installations, and public art. Each year, she aspires to show annually in exhibitions that benefit non-profit organizations. This endeavor has been a life long pursuit, a way to educate and support community.

Loretta exhibits her paintings nationally and locally in galleries, museums, and universities. She was selected as the 2016 Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Plein Air Artist in Residence.  She is a member of the American Impressionist Society, American Women Artists, a recipient of the Montana Arts Council, awarded a Faber Birren Liquitex Color Award, and has been featured in the Western Art Collectors Magazine. Her paintings are in art collections, including Bozeman Public Library, Nantucket Historical Museum, Nantucket Artist Association,and Huntington T. Block. 

Loretta has a BFA from Tufts University and the Boston Museum School of Fine Arts, and a K-12 Art Teaching Certificate from Brandeis University. She teaches innovative workshops for adults, children, seniors, special needs, and cancer support in Bozeman and throughout the United States. Loretta is a former art instructor at the Nantucket Island School of Design and Art, Montana State University, and Bozeman High School.

See more of Loretta’s work at here.


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