Hands on Art

Peggy Trigg and Gail Denton: Shake, Rattle and Roll – Get New Eyes, New Ears, and More Air in Your Head!

LOCATION: Escalante Interagency Visitor Center
September 24 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Note:  There is $10 fee and attendance is limited to 15.

Yes, you too can release and exchange  your tight, controlled, anxious, rule-bound accuracy for seeing shapes (instead of leaves), values (instead of recipes) and passion (instead of cramped fingers). Explore color, shape, composition and energy from a whole new perspective. Shake it up, rattle it around, and roll in the ecstasy of fresh insight.

This demonstration includes four mini mixed media lessons based on trusting your intuition with shapes, line, and value to create great compositions! Go from complete release of control with loose abstractions to rearranging design elements in you favorite landscape to increase compositional success.  You will leave with better eyesight for your landscape, fresh ears to hear what the painting wants, and more powerful compositions.  Paint like nobody’s watching!

Please bring the following:
  •      Scissors
  •      Tape (masking, blue, scotch, whatever you have)
  •      Inspirational reference landscape photos
  •      Sketch Paper
  •      Mark Making tools (markers, pencils, sticks)
  •      Whatever else you want to play with that is solvent free
  •      An apron, you might get messy!




Jill Simkins: Mosaics

LOCATION: Hands on Art Tent – Festival Plaza
September 29 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

In this hands-on demonstration you will learn the easy process of using bits and pieces of glass, broken plates, or small objects to create an interesting, textured piece of art. 

Bring a sturdy 8 x 10 wooden picture frame, old dishes, or other use-able ceramic and plastic items, a hammer, an old kitchen knife, a couple of small plastic containers with lids, safety glasses and rubber gloves.


Jill is an Organic Vegetable Farmer who creates art in many mediums; weather it be with plants and flowers, magical garden paths, oil or water-color paint, clay, or by using recycled, found or worn out items.

Living her life working outside in the soil and discovering this beautiful world by hiking, backpacking, catering horse-pack trips in the High Uintah’s, river rafting, or camping in her vintage trailer, has given her a great respect and love for the outdoors which she attempts to capture on canvas. She especially enjoys painting cows, farm animals, and people.  Her work has been sold in several gallery’s  throughout the west. 

She writes about her painting and adventures  here.


Bonnie Griffith: Alcohol Inks on Tiles

LOCATION: Hands on Art Tent – Festival Plaza
September 29 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

A fee of $10 will be collected at the workshop to cover provided materials.   Bonnie suggests that those participating bring latex or vinyl gloves and wear old clothes or an apron.

Get ready to create!  Use alcohol based inks to create impressionistic or abstract art on ceramic tiles and Yupo paper.  The inks are brilliant in color and can blend in freeform patterns or be applied with a brush for more controlled designs.  The tiles can be used as coasters or displayed as decorative masterpieces. This is a medium that is enjoyed by artists of all levels!





Bonnie Griffith is an artist who paints the western landscape in pastel and oil.  She captures the essence of the land in bold, strong color in a representational fashion.  She has worked as a full time artist for 15+ years and part time since college.  Bonnie has studied with Lorenzo Chavez, Robert Moore, Clark Mitchell and others.  Her work is represented by galleries in Idaho, Washington, Montana, and Oregon.  She was recently awarded the Grand Champion, Peoples’ Choice and Artist’s Choice awards at the Eagle Plein Air Festival in Eagle, ID.  Bonnie See more of Bonnie’s work here.