Carol Johansen: The Essence of Nocturne Painting

LOCATION: Escalante Petrified Forest State Park
September 16 @ 9:00 pm

Painting nocturnes are exciting! Bring your gear and a headlight.  Learn the essentials to a visual idea for painting in the dark on location, or even in the studio from photographs when you arrive back home.

Carol Johansen is a landscape artist living in rural Utah.  She enjoys traveling extensively throughout the West exploring  the space and rhythm of her surroundings, employing strokes  of expressive color. Carol prefers to paint directly from life,  painting en plein air scenes filled with the ever changing landscape from daylight into dark. She graduated with a Bachelor Degree from Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.  See Carol’s work here.

Peggy Trigg: Bring the Landscape to Life

LOCATION: Escalante Town Park
September 24 @ 8:00 am

In this demo, Peggy will help you understand how to free up your painting style with strong use of design elements like color choices, value, line and shape. Composition and cropping techniques, as well as eliminating unwanted “stuff”, will also be discussed.  Peggy works loose and fast and most often with the largest brush possible or painting spatula. Her lively work emphasizes the feeling of the place, not an exact replication. She works in acrylics, enjoying the bold, intense color. If you are looking for a demo that will help you to loosen up, this is the one.

Although Peggy’s demo will be done in acrylics, the primary goals of having fun, loosening up, and exploring color theory are universal and may be applied to any medium.

Peggy Trigg was born in Santa Fe and raised on cattle ranches outside the old mining towns of Cerrillos and Madrid in New Mexico. Her first home was the Palace Hotel in downtown Cerrillos. As a youth, she spent most of her time taking care of livestock, riding horses and tending to the chores common to ranch life. Her love for the country is evident  in the expressive quality of her plain air work. “I love to try to capture the spirit, or the energy of the place. The exact representation is not my goal. The essence of the land is what I strive for.” Peggy’s work is shown in numerous galleries in New Mexico and Colorado and can also be seen in many public buildings, through local Public Arts initiatives.  See more of Peggy’s work here.

Julia Seelos: Outdoors – Oils Alla Prima

LOCATION: Escalante Town Park
September 25 @ 10:00 am

Painting in the outdoors, known as “plein air” allows the artist to experience the beauty of a place while attempting to capture in paint the shapes, colors and textures that make it special. The experience of painting with oils can be both rewarding and frustrating. A few basic principles coupled with careful observation arms the artist with the tools to grow in their journey to become a better painter. Julia will cover her set-up and equipment and how they help her in difficult environments. Using practiced steps to facilitate speed she will cover the basics of composition and color theory and how she approaches a painting.

Julia has participated in the many prestigious plein air events including; 11 years in the Carmel Art Festival, Estes Park, Alameda, Los Gatos, Laguna Beach Invitational, Sedona, Telluride, Easton, Los Gatos, Sonoma, Zion, and the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art 5 times.

Julia’s paintings have been selected for numerous landscape exhibitions at; 10 AIS shows, California Art Club, Triton Art Museum, Steinbeck Museum, Napa Valley Museum, Wilding Museum, and Epperson Gallery. Julia was Artist of the month LPAPA in 2011. She was awarded 1st for oils in the Santa Cruz Statewide Landscape Show, Best of Show 2010 LPAPA Best of Plein Air, 1st in the Carmel Valley Plein Air 2014 and Artists Choice in the Big Blue, an Artist Vision, the Island Award Alameda Plein Air 2015 and Artist Choice North Lake Tahoe Plein Air 2016.  She is a Signature Member of LPAPA and MBPAPA.  See more of her work here

Lewis Williams: BOGO – Two for One Painting

LOCATION: Escalante Town Park
September 25 @ 3:00 pm

This demonstration is more about a painting experience than a daily practice, but it might lead into a new way of working or seeing.  The two for one, ironically, will involve painting two paintings of the same view at the same time.  One painting will be done with direct observation while the other, facing with the back to the scene, will be painted from memory.  “Why?” you’ll ask – “why not?” I will respond.  I will challenge myself to paint by memory to see how the mental power of observation is effected when delayed from the actual observed landscape.  Does quality decline or might it improve?  Could this be a tool to simplify those big shapes and values and not bog down in all the tiny detail that ruins innovation?  Robert Henri discusses a similar approach in his book, The Art Spirit

Iconographer and artist, protégé of world-renowned master iconographer Br. Robert Lentz, OFM, Lewis Williams has been creating art for over 30 years. It’s his life and vocation. He earned his BFA\painting from Northern Arizona University (1983), and an MFA\ painting from Utah State University (1991). Lewis’s art interests are wide and varied in all paint and drawing media, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics. Since 2012, he has returned to exploring sacred landscapes in plein air and studio works. His teaching experience is extensive, most recently as an Arts Educator with Senior Citizens in Montrose, Colorado. His work has been awarded in many Plein Air events, as well as many national and international juried competitions, with work held in many private collections. Earning three Artist in Residence positions with the BLM, his work was the single piece chosen for reproduction to promote their parks in 2014. Lewis resides in Montrose, Colorado.  See more of his work here.


Carol Bold: The Reductive Landscape

LOCATION: Escalante Interagency Visitor Center
September 28 @ 8:00 am

Come watch and learn as Carol Bold transforms a single tile of linoleum into a multi-colored landscape, using a relief printmaking technique known as reduction printing. For this demonstration, Carol will walk us through the individual steps that go into creation of each reduction prints, from the initial drawing and carving stages to the inking and pressing of each layer. She will be bringing along with her a few prints in various print stages, along with her small printing press, carving tools, inks & rollers for the demonstration. For those interested, there may even be an opportunity to create a small carving of your own, or just try your hand at the inking and pressing process.

Carol Bold is a painter and printmaker based out of St George, UT. She has exhibited her work in numerous shows and galleries throughout Southern Utah, California, Nevada and Maryland, and has received continued recognition and awards for her work throughout the Southwest. Carol received Honorable Mention in 2014 at the ECAF Plein Air Competition and Best of Show for Oil/Acrylic in 2015. When not in her studio, Carol spends her time hiking, exploring, camping with her family and drawing inspiration from the vast and beautiful landscape that surrounds her.  To see more of Carol’s work, please visit her website.

Katy Fox: Brushes and Scrapes

LOCATION: Escalante Town Park
September 30 @ 9:00 am

Katy Ann Fox’s paintings incorporate textures and play with the geometric and organic mixture of shapes.  She uses a lighthearted color palette in documenting things that often go unnoticed.  This demonstration will highlight Katy Ann’s unique style and methods using brushes and scrapes to create her emotional pieces.

Katy wanders within the West witnessing its windblown soul to gather emotion and imagery which she continually materializes through paint, drawing and printmaking.

Her work can be seen at the Teton ArtLab in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and on the Jackson Hole Still Works Great Grey Gin label.  She has a Master of Fine Art in Painting from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  See more of her work here.

Terry Chacon: Pet Portraits

LOCATION: Escalante Interagency Visitor Center
September 30 @ 2:00 pm







Join Terry Chacon to learn how she produces portraits of beloved pets.

Terry is from Redlands, California and a international award-winning artist.  Her artwork is in private collections in over 20 countries.  She is an avid plein air artist and paints weekly on location whether it be the beautiful California coast or the Inland Empire which includes many lakes canyons and the beautiful desert. She does commission pet portraits in her studio and is noted for her Dog Show Scenes.  She currently has an exhibit at the AKC Dog Museum in St. Louis and this is the second time she has had this honor.

Terry has won many plein air awards at different events around the Southwest.  PAPNM 2016,  Escalante Canyons Art Festival Paint Out 2015, New Mexico Members Plein Air Exhibit 2014, Mountain Arts Plein Air event, and several awards with the Plein Air Artists of Riverside.    Her work is represented by Montecito Frame and Art Gallery, Montecito, CA and Jack’s Fine Art Gallery, Beaumont, CA.  Terry  has written three books on her Plein Air painting adventures:  The Beauty of Plein Air Painting (The California Coast), The Beauty of Plein Air Painting (Canyons and Lakes) and Capturing Catalina Island in Plein Air.  See more of her work here.